Saturday, January 10, 2009

As Promised.....

Ok, So as promised.Here are some pictures of the new color.They are not the best pictures in the world but they were taken yesterday 'morning' , Hince on the morning part, While I was at Cpt.KnowItAll's bus stop waiting for his bus. Anyone that knows me well enough , Knows I am not a morning person. I was not feeling good. Extremly cold.And no make up. So yes. There notthe greatest in the world but oh well. Im sure when the times right Ill get some Kick ass pictures of them. But its turning into a reddish brown. Think it looks pretty good. Not sure if ill change it befor I get the completly new style or not. That is still yet to be determaned.
This ones of me inside and much harder to tell the hair color. But I figured might as well try to put it on here. I think when I get some free money, Which will probly be never, Im going to have to try to get like Photoshop or something like that. But once again. Very tired. Very cold. And no make up. Me in all my glory lol so to speak.

ok so here something I was woundering. Why is it on a full moon EVERYONE is 1000% insane?I mean comon. Dont we have controll over how we act? Ok so maybe not everyone does but most of us should. Yesterday was insane I think.People were rude and cranky all around. Ok get this. Me and hubby had to do food shopping. Not that strange right? Well we knew it would such because both of us were tired and cranky to begin with. Now were the type of people that we can handle one or the other but with both of us we already knew be would bicker. Surprisingly we didnt that much. Think the tiredness overpowerd it. But yea so of course hubby's hungry so befor anything else we have to go eat. Think in the end Im greatful he demanded food first. The night coulda gone alot worse if we didnt eat. Maybe we have low blood sugar or something stupid like that. So hubby ask me and I say I dont care where we go. Then he ask Cpt.K.I.A. And it was decided to go to DENNYS! Haha shoulda seen the face that boy had on him when he awnserd.It was priceless.But I dont mind Dennys. Like it actually. Everytime we go there we request this certain woman. Ok let me explain about her. This woman is the most sweethearted woman I have probly met since being up in pa. Well maybe she ranks right under a couple other people but still. She has been waiting on hubby pretty much all of his life. I dont think theres ever been a time weve gone in there and she had been rude or mean or messed up our order. We enjoy going in there and seeing her. Well we go in and right off the get go this other woman thats always upset that we request "D" started to trow a fit saying " They cant request people and yada yada yada . We were like " What? We cant request anymore?" How stupid is that, That you cant go into a place. That you go all the time and like every other time . Request the waitress YOU, The customer , want. And just because "D" was standing by us as this was going down the other one figured she was already claming us. How stupid is that. Theres been times befor where we went in and didnt have her even though she was there. Shes not greedy. She understand things happen. Well the other one went and cryed to the manger. Which I think hes the stupidest man alive. For other reasons I cant really explain right now. But she got sent home all for the fact the other one. Who btw was on break ! and still causing problems. She got in trouble because the other woman has a stick somewhere and WE asked for her. We were half tempted to just leave. We got an alright waitress. Shes no "D" but she wasnt too bad. Well when we were done we found out that " D" was going to have to wait almost 6 hours befor her husband would be able to pick her up after he got off of work. Well comon people hubbys known her all his life. We wernt going to just leave knowing she had to sit in there with the people that forced her to leave early.This woman had worked there 23 yrs to be treated like she was such a bad person because , We. The customers, Requested her? Comon .What is wrong with people these days. We anyways were in the car taking her to her house andwe get on the subject of my brother in law. I have some personal isuess with him. and somehow us talking about him got us talking about something me and momma had just been talking about hours befor hand. My brother in law has tons of pircings. Think he has more then me. But something was said about how brother-in-law looks and how hes all about god. and it got me thinking. Why do people with Pircings and tattoos get looked down at like were bad people. I mean I have 5 tats and 9 pircings . I dont go to church because I cant handle large crowds of people I dont know. And I feel like in chruch people like to judge. But does that mean Im the devil? No . I believe in god. Angels. Spirts. The whole bit.I dont really fall under one or the under for religion. I mean , Yes I was raised baptist christian. But to me I dont feel like I should be forced to pray when I want.I am not a bad person for that. I just feel like I should be able to do it when I want to. I dont down any others outlooks on it so I dont accept others to speak badly on mine. I mean its not like Im goign around saying " Devil this and devil that" Anyways back on track... which was.... ermm..... oh yea... Full moon. Well after we took"D" home we made our way to walmart. OMG whos stupid idea was it to go to walmart on a full moon on the day befor its stupose to be a snow storm. Yea that would be mine. Hubby wanted to go today but I knew it would be bad out because my knee had been killing me. its snowing as I am typing this btw. but yea I think when we got done there I was ready to kill someone. Think we waited in like longer then we were actually shopping. God people were rude. Cant count the amount of time people just pushed into us or walked infront of us then got even ruderd with us when I would say something. SORRY for trying to walk! Gah ok sorry Im seeing this turning into as huge groan blog so Im going to end it here. So long. Farewell....