Friday, January 9, 2009

Alrighty then......

This is my step-son....well be calling him Cpt.KnowItAll lol I Love him.
This is my baby boy. Well just call him " Sowwy"

This is me and my hubby on our 1 yea wedding aniversary weekend. Waiting to see Reba and Kelly Clarkson in concert..... Love you baby. Yes he usally has red checks.Dont ask.
This is the new cut.... Gotta get use to it

So how bout we get this night started with another one right off the back. Figured everyone would like to know some more about me then just the main, boring details everyone else gets to hear about day in and day out. Alright so some little things. I recently cut my hair .... Saterday actually .... So Now its short. And when I say short and you look at the picture and go * Huh? * Yes to me thats short. I usally dont go very short for the simple reason. CANT FIND A GOOD CUT! But heres the reason I got it like that. I have this picture of a style I plan to get here very soon. Cut , Color ,Highlights.... The whole bit. And for me to do that.It was going to be a drastic change for me. Well I needed a trim anyways so figured ..... "Hey might as well get it cut simular to how Im goign to do it to see if itll work. Looks like crap... oh well itll grow back" Yes thats pretty much how I think about everything now a days. well turns out I can pull it off. Well yea I tryed to call Hubby to tell him , more of a warning, but of course he didnt awnser his phone. So I guess we can say when I got home he got a surprise. Ok well now the other part of why Im telling you this story. If you read in my "Opening blog" you sall that I am currently attending classes at Empire Beauty School. Which btw . Much better then the other choices around here.Back to the subject. We had gotten done with the mini final and our roller set that we had planed for the day ( FYI MRS.LITZ PLEASE NEVER LEAVE AGAIN!!!!) so our sub. Which btw Shouldnt be teaching. But she gave us free time. Yes..... Freshman girls +Free time + Hair color= Intresting experiance.only two of us dyed.... opps sorry not allowed to say dyed anymore... thats not Jargon. But anyways Only two of us Colored our hair. Me and Sam. I think it came out really cute. Mine is this Goldeny brown color. I wasnt able to get a good picture of it but hopefully in a day or two I will have one. But yea. So I think we should never be given free time in class anymore because god only knows what well do to each other next time. Thats right people. Im going to be learning how to cut peoples hair soon....* Insert scream and running away here* But its all good. Hubbys supportive. Think he misses having me home at night......But I know when were around each other too much it usally ends up with us fighting. But I enjoy getting out of the house. Dont get me wrong. I love love love being a stay at home mommy. But Damn..... sometimes you just need some YOU time. Time where you can get out of the house without the kids and have some Grown-up time. I look forward , most the time , to going to class. I get along with everyone there and have a GREAT teacher. Yes Im not always up for what were learning and Ill be the first to admit I get very frustrated when I cant get something to go perfect. But I love it. I love learning new things. And btw everyone. Ive wanted to go into cosmo for the past ten years. Even took some classes at one time in my life.Idk. Think maybe Im just really excited about it because its still new to me. like a new toy or something. I do have to admit I miss putting the boys to bed every night. But I get the mornings and the nights friday-sunday nights. So I think I, as a hard working mommy and wife deserve to have these 4 hour a night 4 nights a week to myself. Anyone think elseways? Ok im going to make a promise to myself and everyone else that actually reads this that Im not going to use this site for moaning and groaning about my life. Cant promise Ill never do it because yea... everyone knows thats not going to happen. but I am going to use this as a place for me to be me. If Im feel giddy one day youll get giddy if im pissed off the next youll get a bitchy Nikki. Is that ok with everyone? I sure do home so because sooner or later I would like some readers that would be willing to give me some feedback on my crazy , insane life. Wow ok so something I was going to post about more into my life went more into school . Oh well I think once in awhile its good to talk about things that are on your mind. right? Or why else would we blog? Guess Im just really happy because I passed my mini final with a 80%. Granted there was only 10 questions. But still. I think freaking 80 is great. Now I just really need to study for my final thats in two weeks. Ok people I know your thinking. Cosmo? Studing? Yes you couldnt believe how much chemisty and what nots in this stuff but be glad Im learning it. You wouldnt want to go to get your hair done one day and have the stylist not have clue what she was talking about right?Thats what I thought. Alright every guess Ill let everyone get some sleep. Im probly gonna be up or awhile because my knee is killing me... More then likely gonna get bad weather tomorrow or saterday... well guess it is tomorrow since its 1 in the moring. Oh yea FYI To me its never tomorrow untill I wake up. So yea to me its still tomorrow . lol alright GoodNight everyone.


Tiff said...

Captain Know it all and Sowwy, too funny and oh so true!
Glad to see you in bloggyland, you'll love it here and make a lot of friends, I'm sure!