Friday, January 9, 2009

The first of many......

Now now now... I know what everyones thinking... Not another opening blog. Well guess what people . Thats exactally what this is. I mean how on earth are you suppose to have as blog without having a opening one. Yes I know. Everyone hates writing them. Trust me. This isnt one of my foundest things to do in the world. But Im feeling that if you're going to be reading about my life along with my friends and family.Then maybe, Just Maybe, you should know some things about me. But I'll make it easy on myself and everyone out there. Ill be doing a copy and paste from Myspace.... Yes I have a dread'd Myspace*Everyone gasp here*Ok so on to the C&P with a few twikes here and there. ~I am a 23 year old female~I am a stay at home mother of a wonderful 4 year old son and my great 6 year old Stepson. ~I am currently attending classes at Empire Beauty School~ ♥I am happily married to the love of my life♥ ~Have been with my husband almost 5 years and married a little over a year. Yes ... We have out problems but in the end we always grow stronger.~I love my life and wouldn't change it for the world. ~Well just maybe to be back in Texas wouldn't hurt anything. ~I was born and raised in Texas. Live in Pa since late 2002. ~Love spending time with my friends when given the chance and love more then anything to be with my family no matter what were doing!~Dont do drugs and bearly drink when given the chance. ~I'm shy but blunt. ~I mean what I say and definitely say what I mean. ~At the end of the day I have to be able to say I did my best and treated everyone well. ~I think after I get over my shyness and people get used to my randomness. ~I am a nice person. ~But never get on my bad side. ~I would think most people would think this about me. ~But hey what do I know. ~I was born my own friend. ~If I didn't like me I couldn't run anyway. ~I am dork,there is no getting around that but you either love me or don't thats up to you to decide. ~I am a true Southern Girl at heart and always will be. ~Have 9 pircings and 5 tattoos.! Yes Im inked and pirced but I currently only wear 8 of my pircings.And the places I have tattoos at are as fallowed.... Right outter ankle. Left top foot. Both wrist. And upper back.See there not that bad.I do plan on getting more Tattoos but I really think Im done with Pircings.~I am who I am no matter if you like it or not but usally the people that take the time to get to know me usally say that I'm one of the best but if you think else wise then so be it .... ! See People that wasn't so bad. Worth the read? I know it was for me but of course it is my life and I enjoy it. Why shouldnt I. I mean if I dont enjoy it I would be a really crabby person all the time and common.... What fun would that be? Ok so now I think its time to close down this dread'd opening blog.... Might even get another one out of me befor the nights over with. Think youll be that lucky? Guess youll just have to keep reading to find out.