Sunday, March 14, 2010

"When your going trew hell keep on going........"

Isnt that right? Lifes been kinda hell lately. Been one thing after the other. But I am slowly starting to be able to see a tiny bit of light at the end of this tunnel .

Not going to go into details. Guess details bore people. Ok so maybe thats not the truth. But hey it is what it is.

But things are getting better. I mean granted were on the 3rd day out of 4 straight days of rain.... Which the first two I had off of work. No such luck with today or tomorrow. But then its suppose to be nice out. Hey if it washes away all the nasty snow Im all for it.

My momma has offically moved back home. Its a sad thing but at the same time a good thing. Means shell be happier and its proves that Im even closer to moving back. And I CANT wait.

Still waiting to hear about the thing that im waiting ot tell everyone on here about. I really hate waiting but i have no choice right now. Oh well . I should have a awnser soon.

Alright gonna go watch tv befor work. Later